Our Team

Tori Lowry

Tori is passionate about social reform from within.  She wanted to create a special beauty experience that is good for the body, hygienic and soothing for the mind.  She observed that the manicure and pedicure services around the island use toxic acrylics, non-hygienic practices, provides dated nail art, and have wage and health issues for technicians.  She wished to offer a salon experience that provide atmosphere and experience that soothe and nourish the body, and at the same time provide a healthy and fair working environment for the technicians.  

Once she identified the issues, she began by understanding the technician’s experience first hand.  She enrolled in La Mer Nail Institute, known for providing exemplary nail education as well as an emphasis on the growing nail art trends from Japan.  The curriculum emphasized a strong concern for health and safety. Tori was educated on full range of methods that emphasize safe nail services. She received her license in 2017 and continues this education…

Before launching Miki'ao Nail Bar, Tori spent 15 years honing her business acumen - first developing grants and contracts at the University of Hawai‘i and then combining her passion for local business and dessert by managing a gelato factory.  When she's not building her new business, Tori loves hanging out with her dog Mochi, and her husband Cameron.

Tori is excited to bring the natural nail concept to Hawai’i and change the way the nail industry provides services.

It is not only important to create a safer environment for clients, but also for technicians to have fair living wages and working conditions. At Miki‘ao Nail Bar, Tori strives to prove that this business model works – that a nail salon can be profitable for both the business and its employees, and that their work doesn’t have to compromise their or their client’s health. It is incredibly rewarding to have a company that supports other women and she’s always looking for ways to continue to grow the brand while staying true to Miki‘ao Nail Bar’s values.


Katie Kim

Katie is a dedicted nail artist that brings years of experience to your treatment. Katie understands the importance of providing a better level of service after working 5 years in other nail salons. She knows what it is like to be in an unsupportive environment that can be dangerous and unsafe for herself and her clients. That is why she is excited to work for Miki'ao Nail Bar so she can work in a safer place and provide an excellent service for our guests. Originally from Korea, Katie has been in Hawaii for 13years. Her bright smile and cheery attitude can be heard when she is humming along to the music and laughing with her guests. In her downtime she likes to enjoy spending time with her daughter and singing karaoke.



Ga Ram Oh

Better known to her friends and clients as “Ram”, you can usually find her busy practicing new and exciting nail trends coming from Japan and Korea.  Ram has always been passionate about art and design.  She graduated from Central Saint Martins University of art and design in London (the same school Stella McCartney attended), and broke into the industry as a Fashion Research & Development (R&D) designer in women's clothing, where she stayed for half a decade.  When she and her military husband relocated to Hawai‘i two years ago, she knew a career transition was inevitable, and she was inspired by the demand in Hawai‘i to have beautiful, slipper ready feet every day of the year! Ram decided to combine her love of fashion design, art and a passion for great service by becoming a nail artist.  She studied at La Mer Nail Institute and is continuously learning new and exciting techniques.   Not only does she create stunning nail gel art manicures, but Ram is certified in the electric file (e-file) callus care technique from Korea and is helping her clients achieve beautifully smooth feet.  One of her “quirky” hobbies is housework, and you can feel it in her dedication to keeping things clean, tidy and organized, and in the way that she services her clients and keeps Miki‘ao Nail Bar spotless.  Ram is a bright, cheerful, gifted artist, and provides the best client experiences.