Our Promise

Miki‘ao Nail Bar was created with your health and safety in mind.  Customers receive a non-toxic, hygienic, quality luxe experience at a reasonable price. 
We are committed to “E Aho Ia” (that's better), through better nail services and better beauty business standards.


A sneak Peek at

Your experience

Our process is beneficial both to the client and the nail artist.

  • We do not use toxic acrylics.

  • Our creams, scrubs, and oils are vegan friendly, scented with essential oils, and never contain petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

  • We also use locally made products as much as possible.

  • Our nail polishes are at least 5-free, which means they are free of 5 of the most toxic ingredients in common nail polish known to cause health problems including cancer, asthma and even neonatal death.

We provide a safe, sanitary environment, going above and beyond Department of Health regulations.

  • We use single use instruments whenever possible and autoclave to sterilize tools.  

  • Emphasis is placed on a healthy work environment where artists are paid a living wage and are provided healthy, protective gear.

  • We are continuously training our artists on the newest techniques and nail art trends.

We are transparent about the high quality products and services we provide

  • Clients can make informed decisions about the services they receive.

  • The properties of nail polish that make it stick to your nails and dry is not a chemical free process, however we look for ways to minimize the exposure to you, our artists, and the environment without compromising beauty and function. 


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